When you are considering homecare for either yourself or a family member, one of the fundamental issues is likely to be, how will I fund this care? These are the different methods of funding that can be used which will allow you to consider the best option for you. You are welcome to call our office to discuss your options and look at the most appropriate way forward for you and your family

 Direct payments

This type of payment is paid directly to the customer by the Local Authority. Once you have been assessed by social services / social worker and they have identified specific needs and what support is needed, direct payments may be paid to you. This allows you to manage your own package of support  and pay your care provider directly.
An important part of this process is to discuss with your social worker how you will make use of your payments as Social services will need to agree to your package of support. Contact NHS Choices for more information about direct payments.

Self-Directed Support

More and more people are now using this method which has been designed to let you take control of your own lives. This enables you to manage your own care budgets and support for services needed. You are at centre of the planning process and are best placed to understand what your specific care needs are. When social services complete their assessments, they will make a decision on whether you are eligible to receive community care services under the Government Fair Access to Care Services.

 If you are an eligible adult, social care will need to know what support you need and a Self-Directed Support questionnaire will need to be completed. The Resource Allocation System {RAS) will explain how much money is available to meet your needs as well as how to claim other benefits that you are eligible for. Self-directed support help is available in some cases from organisations such as Independent Living Fund, Supporting People and Disabled Facilities Grant.

dDisability Allowance

This is a tax-free benefit for adults who need help with their personal care due to difficulties with physical or mental disabilities.

You can apply for this benefit if you have a physical or mental disability or both and if you are under the age 65. This depends on whether your disability is severe enough for you to need support regarding your personal care needs.

NHS Continuing Care

NHS continuing care is free for those who qualify under the guidelines of the local Strategic Health Authority or Social services. This package of care is funded solely by the NHS and can be provided to customers within their own homes. This NHS continuing care is provided to customers who fall under the responsibility of the NHS. With this type of care all equipment and adaptions to the equipment will be covered by the NHS. The NHS may cover your living and accommodation costs but will normally not cover food and other household bills. Further information can be found by contacting NHS DIRECT or contact our office for more information.

Dependable Home Care Services will always support you during our assessment process, working in partnership with your loved ones and family members to ensure you get the most appropriate support available. Dependable Home Care Services can arrange meetings with all the relevant parties concerned to enable the customer to have access to the best possible advice in obtaining a quality care package. For further assistance please contact our office to discuss your concerns / queries.

Private Funded Care

There are options such as Equity Release, Annuity Based Care Plans and Long Term Care Insurance. Dependable Home Care Services advise  that you contact a reputable financial advisor to get more information in this regard.

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